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Download is a term used to describe the process of copying data from one computer to another, smartphone to smartphone, Android to Android, iPhone to Android, Android to iPhone, either over a network or modem. For example, each time you visit a web page on the Internet, you download the information on the page, including any pictures, to your computer or smartphone. The term download is often associated with files, pictures, songs, videos, and programs.

Downloading is not the same as data transfer, moving or copying data between two storage devices would be data transfer, but receiving data from the Internet is downloading.

Upload is often said with upload, which is a way to send files (such as files: images, programs, music, PDF, file, documents, etc.) from a personal computer to a Server system and files or data will be Publish on the Internet so that the uploaded data can be viewed and retrieved (downloaded) by others or the crowd.

Download is a process of transmitting a file or data from a computer system to another computer system or from a smartphone to another smartphone. From the Internet, user/user who does the download process is the process by which a user requests or requests a file from another computer and then receives it. In other words, the download is transmitting files from the Internet to a client computer/user can be said also the process of receiving or retrieving files from the Internet/server to a personal computer or smartphone.

How fast can I download?

A file's download speed depends largely on the speed of your Internet or network connection as well as the size of the file. A faster Internet or network connection results in a shorter amount of time to download a file.

How to download?

You can search and find the download button on every page and follow the instructions there.


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